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Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Go Online For TourUp Now?

Navigate to the TourUp Now tab and tap "Go Online." You'll now receive imminent tour requests.

How Do I Automatically Accept Tour Requests For TourUp Later?

Navigate to the TourUp Later tab and tap "Settings" at the top of the screen. You can set your preferences and enable auto-acceptance at the bottom.

Does Accepting A Tour Request Guarantee I Get It?

Not necessarily. Once you accept a tour, the traveler will need to confirm it on their end. For TourUp Now, they have 90 seconds. TourUp Later requests can be confirmed up to 48 hours after your initial acceptance.

Can I Decline / Not Respond to Tour Requests?

Yes, although we try to match you with relevant travelers and experiences, sometimes there may be a time conflict or a specific location in the experience you aren't comfortable with. We allow you to decline any tour without penalty.


Do I Need Any Certifications?

No. TourUp allows you to give tours of locations which do not have explicit restrictions on non-affiliate tours.

I Have A Certification, Is There Any Benefit?

Yes. We show  you are a licensed professional on your profile, leading more travelers to select you over the competition.

What Locations Am I Expected To Know?

You will chose one or more regions in your city and subsequent activity locations. It is expected you have working knowledge of the activity locations you select as well as a surface understanding of all the Idles in that same region(s). You can manage your activity selections and view Idle locations for your selected region(s) in the "Masteries" tab.


Am I Required To Provide A Personal Vehicle?

While it's not required, guides with a vehicle tend to find more travelers.

How Do I Add / Update Personal Vehicle Information?

Navigate to "Profile" and tap "Vehicles." Please note you are responsible for compliance with applicable laws in your place of business.

How Is Public Transit Handled?

If public transit is needed or requested by the traveler, all tickets and fares are handled outside of TourUp's platform. Please factor this into your transport price.


Is TourUp Free For Me To Use?

There are no upfront or reoccurring costs. TourUp does however charge a 15% platform fee for each tour given.

When Do I Get Paid?

Immediately. TourUp's payment system deposits your funds (minus the platform fee) directly to your account.

How Do I Add / Update Payment Information?

Navigate to "Settings" and tap "Payment Information." You can edit your information there.

My Payment Didn't Go Through. Now What?

In the unlikely event this occurs, please reach out to our team via the contact system (bottom right) and we'll get it sorted out right away.

Cancellations / No Shows

A Traveler Cancelled A Tour They Already Booked.

Once a traveler has booked a tour, they guarantee to spend a minimum of 25% of the estimated cost. If they cancel, you will be compensated this amount.

I Have To Cancel A Tour I Already Accepted.

We understand life can get in the way sometimes. TourUp allows a max of 3 post-acceptance cancelations per year without penalty. If exceeded, we'll reach out to you. No payment will be received.


Can Travelers Leave Reviews?

Yes, travelers will be asked to give a review of your performance after each tour.

I'm Running Late To Pick Up My Traveler. Should I Contact Them?

Yes, please do. You can use the in app call feature to reach out. Travelers cannot see your phone number.

A Couple of "Don'ts."

Please refrain from touching, using explicit language, drinking, and smoking while giving a tour. A general rule; if it's not ok for the professional environment then it's not ok for TourUp either.

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