The following applies to both tourists and tour guides.

We aim to make TourUp a safe and enjoyable space for both tourists and tour guides. To that end, we have established the following ground rules to make sure tour guides can receive consistently high ratings and tourists are mindful during tours to get the most out of their experience. We urge you to take the time to read through them. Because for both parties to come out on top there must be a foundation of common understanding and respectful behavior from both parties.

Mutual Respect.
Treat your tour guide as you wish to be treated yourself and you can expect no less from them. Always do your best to meet up within a timely manner so nobody has to wait, and you can get going as soon as possible. A polite greeting is always appreciated but it goes without saying that shouting, swearing or any use of physical force is not respectful. We encourage tour guides and tourists to engage in conversation as this greatly enriches everyone’s experience. Families with small children, while it is completely understandable that kids may be excited to travel, please do your best to make sure the tour guide has the opportunity to express themselves fully during your tour. Finally, remember that when you use TourUp you will meet people who may look different or think differently from you so please respect those differences. We want everyone to feel welcome.

Give tourists space and ask for privacy tactfully.
We all value privacy with significant others and loved ones. During IDLE or TRANSPORT parts of your tour feel free to chat with other people but if you would like privacy please let the tour guide know explicitly and respectfully. Tour guides should not take such a request personally but rather understand some moments are private so taking a walk or having a coffee next door can be a good way to pass time. Most important of all, keep interactions light-hearted and professional by avoiding commenting about a person’s appearance or relationship status. Refrain from touching or flirting with each other inside and outside vehicles given TourUp has a no sex rule. This states no sexual conduct between tour guides and tourist is permitted under any circumstances.

Better to be safe than sorry.
Everyone should be comfortable walking around during the tour. Please make sure that you follow our posts relating to locations and timings to avoid in your region. Please be attentive to your surroundings as you may be in a very dynamic and lively location. Keep track of your personal belongings and be cautious on public transport and as a pedestrian.

Feedback is a powerful tool.
Please try to rate your tour once you have finished and leave a review for your tour guide. Honest feedback makes sure everyone is accountable for their behavior which creates a safer and more respectful environment for everyone. Also, if anything happens during your tour- misbehavior on either party or an argument- be quick to let us know by tapping “Report” on our app so customer support can follow up.

What can lead you to lose your TourUp access privileges?
The following guidelines explain under what specific circumstances tourists and tour guides may lose access to TourUp.Please remember that if you are touring in a group or you are letting another person use your account, you are responsible for their behavior.

Ensuring respectful interactions and safe behaviors are adhered to.
The way you behave while using TourUp can have a significant impact on everyone’s safety and negatively impacts everyone’s experience while touring. Mutual respect and prudence are crucial.This is why you are expected to exercise good judgement and behave decently towards other people- just as you normally would in a public place.Here are some reasons why you could lose your access to TourUp:
Use of inappropriate and abusive language or gestures. For example, exhibiting aggression, discrimination, disrespect or inappropriate comments.    
Inappropriate contact between tour guides and tourists. As our community guidelines make clear, you shouldn’t touch or flirt with other people on your tour. As a reminder, TourUp has a no sex rule. And you should never hit or otherwise hurt a driver or fellow passenger.
Damaging tour guides’ property. For example, damaging the car, breaking or vandalizing a phone, intentionally spilling food or drink, smoking, or vomiting due to excessive alcohol consumption.
Breaking the law while using TourUp. For example, bringing open containers of alcohol or drugs; traveling inlarge groups that exceed the number of seat belts in the car; or using TourUp to commit a crime, including drug and human trafficking or the sexual exploitation of children. TourUp may also deactivate the account of any driver who receives several unconfirmed complaints of drug or alcohol use. If we are made aware of this type of problematic behavior, we may contact you so we can investigate them. Depending on the nature of the concern, we may put a hold on your account during our investigation. If the issues raised are serious or a repeat offense, or you refuse to cooperate, you may lose access to TourUp. Any behavior involving violence, sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination, or illegal activity while using TourUp can result in the immediate loss of access to your account. Additionally, when law enforcement is involved, we will fully cooperate with their investigation.

Terms of Use.
As a user, you agree to our Terms of Use when you signup for your account. We may take action against you for violating these terms, including permanently closing your account. For example, the failure to maintain accurate, complete, and up-to-date account information, including having an invalid or expired payment method on file; allowing a person who does not meet the minimum age requirement to use your account while unaccompanied, or if you don’t meet that age requirement yourself.DiscriminationTourUp has a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination of any kind. This means you will lose access to your account if you are found to have discriminated against tour guides or tourist based on their race, color, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, sex, marital status, gender identity, age or any other characteristic protected under applicable law.

Fraud or Illegitimate Behavior.
Fraudulent or illegitimate behavior undermines the trust on which TourUp is built. We may deactivate any account(s) associated with this type of activity, including: abusing promotions; collusion between tourist and tour guide; disputing fares for fraudulent or illegitimate reasons; or duplicate accounts. 

Cancellation policy and fees.
A tourist cancellation is when you accept a tour guide’s offer, the tour starts, and you are in the process of meeting your guide. A cancellation 10 minutes or more after the tour stars generates a charge for the tourist equivalent to 25% of the estimated total tour cost to compensate the tour guide for their time. Tour guide cancellation during the tour is not possible, tour guides must commit to fulfilling the entirety of the service they offered regardless of any changes made by the tourist later on. Tour guide cancellation before the tour begins creates a poor tourist experience and negatively affect other tour guides. We understand that there may be times when something comes up and you have to cancel an accepted tour. But minimizing cancellations is critical for the reliability of the system so every cancellation will lead to fewer tourist proposals being made available to you.

What is the impact of tour guide cancellations?
Tour guides are allocated 3 impact-free cancellations for a period of 12 months that is automatically renewed at the start of each calendar year. The fourth cancellation onwards creates an automatic 0-star rating for the tour guide on said tour. Each additional cancellation will bring tour guide ratings down making it less likely that you will appear in tourist offers. We will alert you if your cancellation allowance falls to 1 and for every cancellation after that. An above average cancellation rate relative to other tour guides in your region will be flagged by TourUp, after which you may be logged out of the app. You should then get in contact with TourUp’s tour guide customer service as soon as possible. If you consistently cancel tours, we will assume you do not want to accept more trips and you may be suspended from the app.

Background Checks.
All tour guides wanting to use the Tour app are required to undergo a screening process, including criminal record checks, to ensure safety and compliance with our criteria. We will permanently deactivate a tour guide’s account if a routine background check uncovers a violation of TourUp’s safety standards or of other criteria required by local regulators.

Unacceptable Activities.
To maintain the transparency and safety of each tour for all users, activities conducted outside of TourUp’s system — like anonymous tours — are prohibited. We will take action against a tour guide for activities such as: accepting illegal tour demands while using the TourUp app; harming the business or brand, like unauthorized use of TourUp’s trademark or intellectual property, or otherwise violating the tour guides’ agreement withTourUp; and soliciting payment of fares outside the TourUp system.

Fraudulent activity undermines the trust on which TourUp is built. That’s why we are constantly on the lookout for fraud by tourists and tour guides who are gaming our systems. We will deactivate any account or accounts associated with fraudulent activity, which may include:accepting tours without the intention to compete, including provoking other tour guides to cancel; creating dummy tour guide or tourist accounts for fraudulent purposes; claiming fraudulent fees or charges; and intentionally accepting or completing fraudulent or falsified tours.

Up to date and accurate personal information.
The TourUp app is designed to give tourists identifying information about tour guides like their name, profile picture, vehicle capacity where applicable and locations they can give tours at, before the tour begins. Inaccurate or outdated information creates confusion among tourists and can diminish their experience with TourUp while also making it less likely that a tour guide will be chosen for a job. We will deactivate your account for activities such as: providing inaccurate information; allowing someone else to use your account; and taking a tour for locations you have not been cleared to showcase. In addition, we will take action to prevent any tour guides whose required documentation or details becomes invalid or obsolete from going online until the updated information is provided to TourUp.

TourUp has a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination of any kind as it goes against our goal to connect any and every tourists with the best tour guide for their preferred tour. It is unacceptable to refuse to provide services based on characteristics like a person’s race, color, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, sex, marital status, gender identity, age or any other characteristic protected under relevant federal, state, or local law. Actions like these may result in permanent deactivation of your account.

Getting Back on the Road After Deactivation.
The reactivation of accounts is evaluated on a case-by-case basis with a member of the TourUp customer support teams. We encourage you to contact them promptly and to explain to them why you should be reinstated by providing possible proof, guarantees or testimonials that either exculpate you or are a clear indication of goodwill on your part. TourUp provides no guarantees that such an appeal will lead to your account being reinstates but a compelling case will never be ignored. In addition, we are exploring ways to create an appeals process via the app for the most contentious cases. We will update this document as soon as we have that process in place. For more information please refer to our Terms & Conditions.